Thursday, May 12, 2011

Summer Mission 2011

God has done great things! I have been talking with the clinic director about this summer's trip and to have been told  that the Tanzanian Government's initiative to bring Insecticide Treated Nets free of charge to it's people has finally reached Tabora! Thank you to all who have helped us purchase and distribute over 2,000 nets that have covered 8,000 people! The stockpile we purchased for distribution at the clinic is not yet depleted and we will still purchase nets when need. So what is our call now that the need for nets is not as chronic?

...feeding the widows and orphans!
 Last year the rain came at the wrong time. As a result the  maze crop didn't pollinate. We were able to purchase 9 tons of corn. This year it has gotten worse. The rice failed completly and the corn barely came in. We will be negotiating the purchase of corn so that they can feed the starving as well assist the diocese in caring for the church planters. We have raised over $2,400 for food alone. This will, depending upon cost, match what was purchased last year. The overhead is simply gas to get the corn out.  God is so good to His children!

...clothe the naked!
I have also been given 30 handmade dresses by a wonderful woman of God to bring dignity and joy to some of the young girls I will meet. Every girls loves to look pretty! It doesn't matter where you live!
...hats for babies!
Last year a group of postal workers from British Colombia knit hats for me to bring distribute through the woman's and children's clinic. This year the Seniors at the center where we worship heard about this and got in on it. I have over two hundred hats this year! A number of ladies at New Hope (youth included) contributed their skill as well.

...bring the Good News of Jesus Christ!
I will again be sharing the Good News that God has sent His son Jesus Christ to ransom his lost children from death and defeat all the things that harm and destroy his people. Please pray for the message of Hope to be spoken in the Power of the Holy Spirit and that many will come into the Kingdom of God!

Thank you to all who have made this trip possible. It is my fifth trip in the last six years. I am humbled that God has chosen me for this ministry and thankful that He has partnered you all with me. Please keep me and my family in prayer May 19-31st. Will post when I can. Look forward to God doing great things for His children! Donations are still being accepted. Shoot me a note if you are moved to help. Ansate Sana, thank you very much. Mungu Akubariki! God Bless you!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friends of Restless Heart Ministries, you saved another family!

Dear Friends,
I had an urge to call our friend Ruth in Tanzania yesterday. She is caring for a family in one of the outlying villages in desperate need. The clinic is building a hut for them on our farm so they can work the land, have a place to life and access to much needed health care.  I asked how we might help, this was the reply.

We gather we may need 15 bag of cement :18.000 each bag (270.000) and some wood for roof. Food is about 40.000 a month for 3-4 on a very basic level ( that gives them maize, beans, dagar-little smelly fishies- porridge, and maybe a little rice and milk, some oil and some tea and peanuts) They will have some fresh stuff from the farm and they have chicken , so some eggs.
That is not too bad nutritionally I don't think?
It is of course not enough for ****, but we are giving him plenty of extra protein and vitamins)
Mama Ndugu brought the loveliest sprightliest little 3 year old girl while I was doing ward rounds. She was really cute with braids and pink t shirt and trousers : a picture of lovely life and health ..and asked me if I rembered her: I admitted I did not : I had seen her 1/2 year before weighing 5 KG *(2 1/2 years old at 10 pounds) with undiagnosed TB. We referred her for Tb treatment and she was given food help from Familia Moja (Restless Hearts!!!!) and now she weigh 13 kg and is : amazing!
I wish I had my camera but it is broken!!!!
You just would have loved it!
God bless Ruth

So, friends, it is because of your prayers and donations that the hut will be completed and the family has found a donor who will be providing food each month. They are taught the Bible and prayed for each day. They are not Christians, but they are seeing and hearing daily of His Love. Thank you all for helping this family!