Sunday, May 11, 2008

and here's a little extra

So, I had this vision from the Lord that I was to raise enough money to test and treat 10,000 children infected with malaria in my diocese of Tabora, Tanzania in East Africa...and to purchase 200 mosquito nets along with the insecticide to treat them. How? I asked people for their leftovers so I could purchase lives. What happened? Well, one five year old kid stepped up got his class of just over 110 kids to raise a bit over $1,000...a tag sale brought in $2,000...a bake sale table at dodge ball tournament organized by a young girl bought another 330 treatments...and it just kept coming in. People in parking lots, hair salons, wherever would kick in. My dentist sent me off with a case of tooth brushes, my pastor gave me a suitcase of surgical sutures...I was given hundreds of ball point pens (a big deal in Tanzania)...
and in the end my goal of $4,300 dollars was smashed...the Lord opened up hands to bring share $5,543.20. That's 10,000 kids tested and treated and 454 nets...more than double.
So I'll be real honest here. I've got a bunch of friends doing huge powerful things for the Lord and at times the sinful man in me would think..."and here I am, tag sale guy, spare change pastor"...but the Lord would always speak to me and say "be faithful, I'll be successful" ...and boy was He ever.
I have no Idea how many hundreds of people I got to speak to about Jesus and the Merciful heart of his Father. So, remain faithful friends, for our God is faithful. I'm off to Tanzania and will be back at the end of the month. I'm sure I'll have a something to share.
In Him